Auckland Architecture Week
23 – 28 September 2014

Auckland Architecture Week is a week-long voyage through architecture of all scales. The sequence of events is programmed to celebrate the city’s successes and start conversations about what needs improvement. It is an opportunity to engage and interact with some of New Zealand’s foremost architecture practitioners and thinkers.
  • Gentle Foundations: Extrapolations of the Whare in the Bush

    St Paul Street Gallery
    Opening 5:30pm, Tuesday 23 September
    Tuesday 23 – Sunday 28 September
    Cost: Free!

    Gentle Foundations responds to aspects of collective memory, architecture school dreams and a love of tiny houses. Through Gentle Foundations, Rebecca Green and Elisapeta Heta extend their experiences of ‘The Whare in the Bush’ project as a continuing conversation of how this unique group of women practice and design by choosing to privilege process over predetermined outcomes. Integral to the development of this show, is the notion of architecture as narrative, with the potential to ebb and flow with every site and embrace naivety and feminine optimism. In creating Gentle Foundations, the artists have evoked space as a vessel that not only creates memory, but also arrives imbedded with its own memory. Curated by Tosh Ahkit in association with Architecture+Women NZ. Supported by Kahurangi Estate Wines

  • About Auckland Architecture Week 2014

    The greatest misconception about architecture is that its sole concern is buildings. The reality is that architecture is about people, and the concerns of architects tend to reflect those of the populace. In Auckland, those concerns are healthy and affordable places to live, better learning environments, better places to work,  better medical facilities, better open spaces, and better transport and infrastructural systems to help make our city more economically and environmentally sustainable and resistant to sudden change. Auckland Architecture Week 2014 will address some of these issues, but the sequence of (mostly free) events is also programmed for fun. It’s a chance to celebrate the city’s successes and the creativity of those that live here (and further afield), to engage with some of New Zealand’s foremost architecture practitioners and thinkers. Join a conversation about the influence of the Auckland Design Manual, listen to a top Mexican architect, discover the art of the architect or hear some of our top designers discuss ways to approach a bungalow renovation.

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